I have worked as a classroom teacher for over twenty years and it has been a privilege. I have been lucky as I have enjoyed my career and have no regrets in regard to entering the teaching profession. You see I enjoy getting to know the youngsters who enter my class and am intrigued by their personalities, their differences, their uniqueness and their young hopes… more>>>


Self-care” is a topic that I’ve heard more and more of, and increasingly from a mental health perspective. I’ve struggled to consistently practice self-care in my own life, tending to push myself to the point of burnout rather than being compassionate. I have been influenced by all the spaces I have occupied as a carer, parent, worker and home-maker.  I have realised that I am not alone and that we are more alike than different...more>>>

Young People

It has been and continues to be a great privilege to work with you. Every day I learn something new from you and I am the teacher! You teach me to really listen, to be patient, to be brave, to embrace life and to have hope.

When I listen to you I hear you tell me about your lives. And I know life can be difficult. I have heard you tell me about your struggle with sleep, anxiety, anger, fear, stress and family issues….more>>>

The Benefits of Wellness, Mindfulness and how it can work for you

A Note from Kay on Wellness & Mindfulness

My plan as the mindfulness teacher is to keep self care and wellness high on the agenda. However, it can be quite difficult to navigate and stay on track. My role is to help you prioritise areas of your own life so you can choose to live in ways that are more in tune with your own unique nature. Ultimately, though, you are the driver of your own wellness plan.

What is Wellness and it’s Benefits?

While Health is the absence of illness, injury or disease, Wellness is the pursuit of optimal health. It requires making a commitment, setting the intention and focusing on goals. A wellness-oriented lifestyle encourages you to adopt habits and behaviours that promote better health and an improved quality of life. It also involves the recognition that you have a responsibility to nurture the different aspects of your being – the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual.

The link between Wellness and Mindfulness is one often overlooked, though it is an underlying principle of many self-care practices. Mindfulness techniques, practical tools and resources are integrated to help you with every step of the wellness journey. 

Many benefits can arise, including improved sleep and more energy leading to fuller lives both at work and at home. Having a series of practices that can help sustain you whether it’s emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually will enhance your daily life.

My Wellness Invitation to You

It is vitally important that we process our own stress and acknowledge the demands we place on ourselves. It is by taking some time out of our busy schedules to address our own needs and prioritise our own sense of wellbeing that empowers us. I have had to learn this message the hard way. For years I ploughed on juggling the many demands on my time as a teacher, colleague and parent, just like many of you. However many things were not right. I was not sleeping well, I was always planning, my head was busy and my body was beginning to send me warning signals. I did not want to acknowledge any of this so I waited for the next break from school fooling myself that this was the cure. Instead it was the sticking plaster and eventually I came face to face with my burn out. I applied for a year out and that was the year I began to put myself back in the picture and that is my wish for all of you. I urge you to take good care of yourself. You do not have to wait until you suffer from exhaustion, fatigue, burn-out or illness. You can start now. What I offer is an invitation to invest in self-care by providing a safe and supportive environment.


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