A mindful merry Christmas wish

As term one draws to a close you may feel like the marathon runner who is about to
hit the wall knowing your seeping energy levels is in direct contrast to the manic
energy levels of your pupils. The business of teaching, learning, collaboration, and staff meetings continues, the never-ending to-do list piles up and the routines you worked so hard to put in place are crumbling around you as the holiday season approaches.
The sounds of the Christmas carols seep into your blood, pieces of glitter shimmer
everywhere and each day the hysteria heightens. It’s all part and parcel of the Christmas celebrations in schools and each year you are reminded that it is all worth it as you wave goodbye to your pupils, wishing them a safe and happy Christmas. It’s a job well done as we know the concept of a happy Christmas is not a guarantee for some of our pupils. Having spread some sparkle and magic is one of the truly blessed parts of our job.

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