Bring Mindfulness to Your School in 2016

If you would like to bring mindfulness to pupils, parents or staff, you can use the website map on to engage an independent .b or Paws b teacher to deliver a taster session, the .b or Paws b curriculum. All of the teachers successfully completed a .b or Paws training course with Mindfulness in Schools Project and now operate as independent practitioners.

You will find an interactive map called Paws Mindfulness Trainers on the Educators drop down menu. Zoom in to find contact details and the rest is up to you.

It is your responsibility to ensure they are the right teacher for you and have the necessary insurance and safeguarding training to meet your needs.

Some Tips on Finding the Right Fit For Your Needs
Always speak to the teacher and ideally meet them before you employ them
Get a reference from another school or ask about previous delivery of mindfulness courses
Can this person teach a class/group?
Agree the number of sessions, timetable it and offer support
Remember the class teacher or team need to be in the room and buy into it also

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