Publications by Kay Murphy2

Be Present

This article was written after I finished teaching an eight week mindfulness course to a group of 16 year olds in my school. It was in the reflections I realised the importance of our presence as teachers. Click on the link below to read more

Teachers Fight or Flight

This article explores the impact of stress on our health and well-being.  Click the link below and begin to prioritise yourself

Teacher beginning of the year, Teacher end of the year

I offer a cautionary tale in this article as you glimpse my exhaustion at the end of yet another school year despite all my mindfulness practice

Mindfulness as a Pastoral Care strategy in a special education setting

Ms. Kay Murphy’s paper Mindfulness as a Pastoral Care strategy in a special education setting focuses on the  research sought to ascertain how a mindfulness programme could be developed and delivered to address the pastoral needs of a special school community. A mixed gender class of thirteen students with mild general learning disability were selected. Following consultation a pilot study of mindfulness was delivered over a period of six weeks.

All themes in the study related to general well-being. The research findings are significant for the manner in which the pilot programme of mindfulness and the research materials are modified for young people with special needs. The findings have implications for educationalist in the context of current changing perspectives on special educational provision.

Kevin Haugh, Leadership Training & Education Consultancy