Going Green

What we communicate by who we are can be as significant as what we say and I had a prime example of this last week. I was teaching my usual Friday morning class when one of the girl’s asked if we could make smoothies the following week. Having heard her request and sensing the enthusiasm from the others I agreed we would indeed make smoothies next week.

Looking back I should have seen this coming, seeing as I had been carrying a beaker for the last couple of months. Last September, I had embarked on introducing greens into my diet in the form of a breakfast smoothie. This strange concoction did indeed draw numerous reactions from staff and students alike. Some verged on pure disgust at the sight of it and others were more intrigued. One colleague, who shall remain nameless, jibes me regularly about my alter ego slumped on the couch guzzling wine, in the evenings

Certainly the daily consumption of my green smoothie has got us talking about our health and eating habits. Curiosity aroused students often ask “What’s in your smoothie today? Grapes, kiwis, apples, bananas, berries…?.” They tell me about their own eating habits, some talk about their aversion to anything bordering on nutritious while sadly some speak of their struggle to establish good eating habits.

Not being one to renegade on my promise I arrived into the classroom, the following week with an array of healthy greens as we set about hand washing, labelling, cutting, chopping, blitzing and tasting.

The end product drew mixed reactions but the class time was super exciting while elements of the curriculum and life skills programme were integrated. Students have taken their learning home and now turn up with beaker in hand each morning. Their teacher claims they are converted and it is great to see these teenagers taking steps to look after their own health.

I am now turning it over to our inspiring and creative students to continue their smoothie making adventures.


1. 1 apple, chopped
2. Handful spinach
3. Handful kale
4. 1 stalk celery
5. avocado, chopped
6. 250ml water
7. Juice of a lemon

Put water in the blender then add the apple and blend
Continue by adding each ingredient one by one, blending until mixed
I normally add the avocado as the final ingredient
Add more water if needed

Be creative, you can add kiwi, banana, mint leaf, ginger, even berries
It’s an acquired taste so give your taste buds time to adjust
Pour your smoothie into a nice beaker and carry it with you as a snack on the go
As you prepare your greens savour the aromas, textures and colours and know that you are taking the time to nourish yourself

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