Mindfulness in the Primary Classroom


New Course For Primary Teachers-Professional Training in the Applied use of Mindfulness for Primary Schools

For those of us in Primary schools we are still busy but the delights of Spring and the promise of Summer allow us the opportunity to move a lot of our learning to the outdoors, to the school gardens and back into the classroom again. I am looking forward to bringing our yoga mats outside and unwinding afterwards as we do some cloud gazing. I can now do this in confidence as the children in my school have had plenty time to get used to Mindfulness in the classroom.

Before we know it the class we struggled with in September will be getting ready to move on and as always letting go brings many emotions. Our time together will have come to an end and the school community will disperse for the months of July and August. As teachers we use this time to re energise and have fun with family and friends. We also learn new skills which we may not have had time for during the academic year. Perhaps you are interested in bringing more harmony into your own life and that of the children you teach, perhaps you have your own mindfulness practice and would like to pass it onto your class next year.

The Professional Training in the Applied use of Mindfulness for Primary Schools is a programme designed to train Primary teachers and others to incorporate Mindfulness into the Primary School or Youth Organisation. It is being offered by the Irish Mindfulness Institute as a combination of an on-line course and live training by a Mindfulness expert-and yes you’ve guessed it that is me, yours truly. Kay at www.aframeofmind.ie

For further details head over to www.irishmindfulnessinstitute.ie and in the meantime I will talk to my Met Éireann friends.
I hope to see you Sunday, 24th July, Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9. 10am – 4pm so we can bring all the learning together and weave some self-care into the mix.

Content: 3 Week led Interactive Online Programme PLUS
Practice: 1 Day Residential Practice led by experienced Mindfulness practitioner
Skill level: 8 Week Mindfulness and Meditation course
Time: Online – approx 3 hours per week. Live – 7 hours
Course Dates – DUBLIN JULY 2016
(Course inc. combination of Online & Live Training)
Cost: €349

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