A Message to you on Self-Care from Kay

“Caring for yourself, re-establishing peace in yourself, is the basic condition for helping someone else” (Hahn, 2006).

“Self-care” is a topic that I’ve heard more and more of, and increasingly from a mental health perspective. I’ve struggled to consistently practice self-care in my own life, tending to push myself to the point of burnout rather than being compassionate. I have been influenced by all the spaces I have occupied as a carer, parent, worker and home-maker.  I have realised that I am not alone and that we are more alike than different. To be human means that we all experience our fair share of joy and suffering which we internalise. I began to ask myself, why is self-care and wellness so important to so many people? Why has it become almost intuitive to do the counter-intuitive by being harsh and critical of ourselves?

Each day I am learning to be satisfied with the moment. I know that compassion that starts within reaches out to embrace others and that is what I want for those I love and care about.

Self-care is personal in nature and is a continuous journey. Awareness, mindfulness, and authenticity are the ingredients you will sample shall you decide to travel with me on your wellness journey. 

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