Promoting Positive Mental Health In Our Homes

I came along tonight, not sure what to expect. It truly was a mind opening night as Kay talked about how we can support our children by being good role models. If we want to be strong for our children we need to look after ourselves. I would encourage other parents to attend if they […]

MBSR for Teachers-a life- changing experience for me

I undertook an eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course for Educators with Kay as our guide. Each session was two and a half hours in duration with a six hour day of silent practice. Firstly, I learnt to notice my thoughts, patterns and any automatic unhelpful reactions. Secondly, I learnt how to hold and […]

Wonderful Morning

A wonderful morning-really enjoyed every minute and lots of good ideas to take home with me. I now understand my busy mind and I am taking the time to pause regularly throughout the day and week. This morning of guided meditation, teaching and silence was the first step in self care. Deirdre

Ruah Centre

Had a wonderful stress free day at the Saturday morning mindfulness event in the Ruah Centre with Kay. The surroundings, the serenity and the group was amazing. I felt held in the space and allowed myself to fully be with myself for the day. Thanks, Anne