Training, Up Skilling and Course Addict

For those of us in Primary schools we are still busy but the promise of summer allows us the opportunity to move a lot of our learning to the outdoors, to the school gardens and back into the classroom again. I am looking forward to sports day, school trips, yoga outdoors and perhaps some simple cloud gazing.

Before we know it the class we struggled with in September will be getting ready to move on and as always letting go brings many emotions. Our time together will have come to an end and the school community will disperse for the months of July and August. As teachers we use this time to re energise and have fun with family and friends. We also learn new skills which we may not have had time for during the academic year. Many of us will opt for Department of Education and Skills approved courses which are offered in a variety of ways and settings.

Here goes, I am admitting to only one of my many addictions. I read everything I see and I have a great interest in learning more about everything from classroom discipline to PE and games, hence I have to stop myself often from, booking myself onto yet another course.

As a self confessed addict I would love the opportunity to attend more courses than time or money permits. However, I have gotten better at choosing wisely, especially when it comes to Summer Courses. The array of courses offered is impressive with something for everyone, covering all areas of the curriculum, teaching and learning.

Perhaps you are interested in bringing more harmony into your own life and that of the children you teach; perhaps you have your own mindfulness practice and would like to pass it onto your class next year and perhaps you asked about teacher courses through my website. If so read on…

Many years ago, 2009, I did the Stillness in the Classroom programme at the Sanctuary. This course is running again this year. It holds very special memories for me as it tapped into my inner teacher which I began to respond to.

In 2014 I did my first on-line course with Mindfulness Matters. It was packed with nourishing activities for the teacher and I came away with ideas to implement in the classroom. The course is really user friendly and support is available for any technical issues.

Last year, 2015, and not for the first time I did John Daly’s ( SPHE Summer Course which is a mix of everything which is good for the mind and soul. The laughter eases away the stress of days gone by.

Mental Health Training for Teachers is being offered by St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services which is so timely given the number of hours pupils spend in our care and the number of things which we as teachers observe daily.  I cannot attend but recommend their growing number of resources for schools which are freely available through their website.

Funnily enough I am booked into the Sanctuary again this summer to train in the PAWs curriculum for primary schools and I am looking forward to spending my days in this oasis in the heart of the city of Dublin. I hope you find a course that fits your needs and return afresh to a new academic year knowing you have 3 personal days at your disposal.

In the spirit of loving kindness, I wish you ease and good health, this summer.


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