Wellness Package For Education

Wellness Package For Education

Wellness Packages for Educators were launched in the INTO Learning Centre, Parnell Square in autumn 2015. The Wellness Packages provide a much needed pause in our busy week.

Each session is 90 minutes and there are 3 in total. Experiential workshops combining mindfulness and up to date tips are a great opportunity for those in attendance to prioritize health and wellbeing.

Feeling nourished, we are in a better position to respond positively to our lives.

Wellness Packages and it’s Benefits

The Wellness Packages provide a safe and supportive environment for educators. Mindfulness techniques, practical tools and resources are utilised to help with every step of the wellness journey. Many benefits can arise, including.

  • prioritising your health and well-being
  • more time to invest in things that nourish you
  • less stress
  • renewed energy leading to fuller lives both at work and at home
  • improved relationships and awareness at work and at home
  • Who should Attend

  • Anyone who works in a school or college with young people and students, regardless of your position and years of service
  • Anyone who tends to put others first and ends ups feeling depleted