The intention is to provide mindful-based intervention tools for workers who want to develop a healthier relationships. An atitude that allows participants to be aware of their stress and to take control so they can respond to demands in healthier ways.

A Frame of Mind intends to be a catalyst in reducing negative workplace stress statistics and to be an influence in creating a better work life balance through mindful awareness and practice.

You will be invited to consider

• What would be possible if you could access clarity and calm on-demand?
Would you be more effective?
• What would be possible if you understood your own emotional triggers and physiological reactions?
Would you be more resilient?


Mindful practice as a normal part of daily business and personal life can inspire:

• Decrease in stress and stress related illness - improved quality of life
• Increase in focus and awareness - more productivity and creativity
• Increase in compassion for self and others - improved relationships
• Shift in perception - better decision making, more positive outlook

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit anyone in the workplace regardless of position. You will learn, experience and practice mindfulness techniques.

Learning Objectives

• What is mindfulness? What are the benefits?
• The effects of stress on the mind and body
• Experiential components include: seated and walking meditations, mindful eating, mindful movement, mindful communication
• Didactic themes include: shifting perceptions, responding vs. reacting, awareness vs. auto pilot, the distracted brain, cultivating a non-judgmental attitude
• Mindfulness in personal and business relationships
• The latest research
• Creating and sustaining your own practice